Monday, 17 September 2007


Happy Birthday Peas

Charlie and Lola Cards Founder, Amanda Bishop, like so many parents, has enjoyed reading the Charlie and Lola books to her three children. Her personal favourite is: It Wasn't Me! The appeal of Charlie and Lola as characters is largely due to the fact that Lauren Child, the celebrated author of Charlie and Lola, captures the speaking voice of a child exceptionally well. In addition, the books are beautifully (and unusually) illustrated.


The characters are quirky and both adults and children alike can relate to the themes in the books.

On the basis of favoritism alone, our parent website Really Fab Cards wanted to include the cards in the ranges that they sell, but they are also of course a great commercial success given the huge popularity of the Charlie and Lola characters. So much so in fact, that we have devoted this site solely to the Charlie and Lola card range.